Ball Dresses

Ball dresses are some of the most elegant and beautiful, yet affordable dresses on the market. They can be used in a number of different situations including high school proms, military balls, award and event ceremonies and anything else that would require that you look your absolute best. These dresses are typically much fancier than other types of dresses and you can expect the price ranges of these dresses to reflect that. They are usually lower cut, and are less revealing, giving a long, flowing look to them.

Prom Dresses

Prom dresses are a very common type of ball dress. They are purchased by high schoolers around the world at least once a year, if not more often. Prom dresses are typically shorter than other types of dresses because you will be dancing in them throughout the night. They are typically less expensive than other ball dresses because the creators know that their target audience is high schoolers, who likely cannot afford to spend much more than a couple hundred dollars on a dress. Known for having designs, don't be surprised if you find lace, layers or ruffles in the different types of prom dresses that are available. Keep in mind that the perfect prom dress will be much harder to find the closer you get to prom season, so you might want to think ahead when searching for a prom dress.

One-Shoulder Formal Ball Dresses

One-shoulder dresses are another very common type of ball dress. These are typically worn in more formal situations, such as award events and group dinner dates. Long and flowy, these dresses help you to look your best and may have designs such as lace of layers added to them to give them an extra touch. Typically, one-shoulder ball dresses will be low-cut, and may or may not include a slit, depending on the individual dress. The great thing about these dresses is that they can work in many different situations and often go great with coats and other accessories.

Strapless Ball Dresses

Strapless ball dresses are another common style that is chosen for many types of events. Keep in mind that these are more revealing and will show off the entirety of your upper chest, back, and shoulders, so they may not be appropriate for all situations and at times you can look a little bit over-dressed. If the situation calls for it, strapless ball dresses are an excellent, elegant option that will make you the focus of attention. If you are going to be doing any heavy or quick paced dancing you might want to opt for a dress that is more easily held up by straps to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Remember to have fun when picking out your ball dress. Find something that makes you feel confident, something that makes you feel like you are looking your best. There are many different types of ball dresses available to you and the one that you decide on should depend on the type that you are looking for, and the budget that you are working with. Avoid dresses that might be hard to walk or dance in, and always make sure that it falls within the guidelines of the dress code of the event that you will be going to.