Long Sleeve Dresses

Long sleeve dresses are an excellent style of dress that can be used in many different environments and situations. They add extra warmth to your arms with the inclusion of sleeves, but are also appropriate during warmer seasons because the material is usually not all that thick. They provide a unique look compared to sleeveless dresses, short sleeved dresses or single-shoulder dresses and although they have become increasingly common, the likelihood that you will be the only girl at the event with a long sleeved dress on is still relatively high.

Drape Long Sleeve Dresses

Drape long sleeve dresses are great for many different situations and are appropriate in both formal and casual occasions. These dresses are often loose fitting, and resemble a long sweater, but made out of much thinner material. They are great for dinner dates and family gatherings alike and you never have to worry about being overdressed. Typically drape long sleeve dresses will be one solid color and will not have too much in way of a design, but there are always exceptions to that rule.

Form Fitting Long Sleeve Dresses

Form fitting dresses work in most occasions and will help you to look your best any event. Form fitting dresses are very common, but are not often used in combination with long sleeves which will give your dress a very unique look. These dresses are typically more shortly cut than other types of long sleeve dresses, so keep that in mind if you are attempting to avoid showing too much leg.

Formal Long Sleeve Dresses

These dresses are very common. There was a time when most long sleeve dresses were considered to be formal, and although that perception has changed over time, the fact remains that they do work very well in many social situations. They provide a "grown" look that shows that you do not feel that you have to show a lot of skin in order to look your best. Most formal dresses will keep it light in terms of design, but may feature a small design with some lace or frill to add extra flavor to the dress. When combined with an impressive pair of heals you will turn heads and show-stop throughout the night.

One-Shoulder Long Sleeve Dresses

One-shoulder long sleeve dresses are a style of dress that became popularity in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s and has remained a popular style of dress ever since. One arm will be completed covered while the other arm, and accompanying shoulder, will be bare. These give you a formal look while allowing you to show off a sense of style and show some skin at the same time. These tend to be considered on the sexier end of the spectrum in regards to long sleeve shirts, and are excellent for many different situations including formal and informal gathering, so you really do not have to worry about looking like you overdressed for the event.