Monsoon Dresses

Monsoon dresses are an item that every woman needs to have in their closet. They are so versatile in different situations that you truly cannot afford not to have one dress manufactured by Monsoon. They work great in the most formal occasions and are also casual enough to be worn on a day to day basis. There are at least a dozen of different styles of monsoon dresses to choose from, and the style that you choose should be dependent on the event that you will be attending.

Form Fitting Monsoon Dresses

Form fitting monsoon dresses are among the most popular styles. These have gained popularity in recent years because they show your figure the best, but keep in mind that they are often fairly short, and may not be appropriate in all situations. Form fitting dresses can come in a variety of different colors and are made in both regular sizes and plus sizes as well.

When choosing your Monsoon dress, you should have a season in mind that you would like to wear it in. Keep in mind that small, thinner dresses are likely best worn in the spring or summer, but can also be combined with a coat or jeans for a dress-shirt style of dress that is appropriate in the winter as well.

Knitted Monsoon Dresses

Knitted monsoon dresses have also become increasingly popular in recent seasons, and for good reason. They are warm and long enough to keep you warm but still look great during the winter months, but are not so warm that they cannot be worn the year around. Knit dresses come in a number of different styles including V-Neck dresses as well as cow-neck dresses where the neck hangs around the chest-level area in extended turtleneck fashion.

Bridal Monsoon Dresses

Monsoon also makes bridal dresses, which are a bit different from your typical bridal dress. These dresses typically are lace-heavy, and also may be short or long, elegant dresses for more informal weddings where you do not want to splurge for a pricey wedding dress. These types of dresses are often worn during outdoor, sunny weddings because they do not provide much in the way of warmth and Monsoon bridal dresses are usually quite thin.

Along with bridal dresses, Monsoon also has a series of bridesmaids' dresses that have similar styles to bridal dresses. Some of them are specifically designed to match specific bridal dresses that Monsoon has available. They would make the perfect choice for outdoor weddings because many of them are a bit thin.

Maxi Monsoon Dresses

Maxi Monsoon dresses are excellent summer dresses that are light but long. Often times the neck of the maxi dress will be lowlier cut than other styles of dress and come in a plethora of different designs that range from very basic to quite intricate. Some are held by straps, while others are halter-style or single shouldered. The style that you choose should reflect where you most often plan to wear the dress.